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TOP AVANTGARDE was specially developed as a supplementary feed for the fast restoration of energy and performance in competition horses with several classes in one day or endurance horses.

Several-day competitions are also a stress factor which can lead to condition and performance impairments.

TOP AVANTGARDE additionally contains manually harvested and controlled dry hemp plant tips, which are extremely rich in chlorophyll. It is also enriched with all the vitamins in the oxygen chain that the intestine cannot reproduce quickly enough after intense effort.


Competition training:

When the horse is in competition training, feed TOP AVANTGARDE as part of the basic feed. In the week of the competition, feed TOP AVANTGARDE on its own.


After injury or illness, muscle problems or muscle wasting, or when the horse has an oxygen deficiency, TOP AVANTGARDE can be fed to help it recuperate (restore energy).

It makes sense to continue feeding it as a long-term dietary supplement in such cases.

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