reform probiotic


The probiotic feed by Lavisano® is ideal for the therapy of the horse’s large intestine and to restore a healthy balance of intestinal flora. An intestinal flora imbalance can cause metabolic problems, COPD, faecal water and systematic inflammation.

Lavisano® REFORM PROBIOTIC can have a balancing effect on stress-related intestinal problems (e.g. after a move to another stable, competitions, start/end of the grazing season, coat changes). It is always suitable for curative applications or when you first start feeding Lavisano®.


This feed is dosed in the same way as DUE EVO.

We recommend that you feed REFORM PROBIOTIC over a six week period to eliminate bacterial toxins or hyperacidity in the large intestine. After the six-week intestinal cure you can switch to feeding DUE EVO without a problem, or continue feeding REFORM PROBIOTIC indefinitely.

If you have any questions on intestinal cleansing, deacidification or detoxification or would like individual advice, contact us by e-mail at:

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