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DUE EVO basic feed is very similar to the original feed used by the ancient Persians. It was developed to maintain the horse’s health and provide it with an optimum diet.

This low-allergen basic feed is kind on the stomach and promotes digestion. It is the ideal substitute for roughage, but can also be given as a supplementary feed in conjunction with hay to improve the diet.


When fed on its own, the dosage has to be adapted to the horse’s breed, size, weight and type.

It’s important to take the horse’s individual requirements into account, but the rule of thumb is 1 kg for every 100 kg live weight.

When used as a supplementary feed, the kilo weight of the hay should not exceed the kilo weight of Lavisano®. So if you’re feeding 3 kg Lavisano®, the maximum quantity of hay you can feed is 3 kg.

If you’re confused about anything or would like individual advice, send us an e-mail to: beratung@lavisano.de

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